Since the introduction of the Scandinavian cider, it has looked and tasted basically the same. A very sweet, artificially tasting cider aimed primarily towards the younger segment of the market.


Now, the times are changing. We are seeing a large market shift towards organic, more genuine products with less sugar and less sweetness.


Ljungeld Organic Cider is the Scandinavian cider reinvented for today’s market. With 100% organic ingredients, less sugar and a more subtle taste tone it’s the perfect choice for the conscious consumer.


The target audience for Ljungeld Organic Cider is anyone from the young adult in their 20s to the lady or gentleman in their 60s.


Ljungeld Organic Cider aims to becoming a top of mind brand in the selected segment through genuine, accurate, targeted marketing campaigns in social media and by being featured in the right retail stores.

A modern cider with less sugar, 100% organic ingrediants and the genuine taste of Scandinavia


4,5% ALC VOL

With Ljungeld Organic Cider we set out to create a new path in the, now quite old, Swedish cider community. Through great taste, 100% organic ingredients and a modern, less sugary, take on Swedish cider we are sure this is the way of the future. However, Ljungeld is not created without traditions. With the production att Herrljunga you will find the best mix of modern ambition and the identity of over a 100 year old family tradition and know how.


The family owned Herrljunga estate started to produce wine but as cider became more an more popular, the family focus turned to cider production. Now Herrljunga counts as one of Sweden’s absolutely best cider producers and as the founders of the beloved drink.


Early 1960 the Branmark family, the major shareholder and director of Herrljunga Company, vistited England and fell in love with the popular English Cider. . They decided to bring it back home to Sweden and create their own take on it. The rest, as they say, is history.


When we decided to launch the more modern and organic Cider, we are proud that Ljungeld Organic Cider is produced at Herrljunga Estate.

It is undoubtedly the best cider producer in Sweden, with a tradition, professional knowledge and love of cider that is unlikely to find anywhere else.

In our opinion, the future of the modern Swedish cider rests in safe hands.

Introduced in two flavours;

Apple - Only Apple (Apple flavour)

Strawberry Twist (Strawberry & Mint flavour)


Available in;

33 cl bottle / 50 cl bottle