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We are constantly adding new products to our profile. Below are our latest additions.


Although we started with bag in box, bottles were soon to follow. We now offer a wide variety of bottles.

Nice Wine have partnered up with the, in our mind, best craft beer makers in Sweden and we are proud to sell their products around Europe.

Sangria, Long Drink, Cider, Lagers... We carry a large product portfolio and we constantly add new products, below are a few of them.

Bag in Box wine has always been our strong suit. This is what we started with and consider our selves among the best in the business. We exceed especially in affordable, great tasting wines.

You can purchase a limited amount of Nice Wine products online through Systembolaget. Click the button below to experience our full collection.


About Us

Nice Wine was founded in 2009, the aim was to produce excellent wine at a good price and with an innovative design.


This mindset, is still with us, but today we have added a environmental awareness and broaden our selection of organic and natural quality products, as this as an integral part of the future for us.


We offer a wide variety of products from all over the globe, ranging from wine to craft beer and everything in between.


In the beginning our main focus was the German border trade, today we have a few of the biggest brands on this market, both Torero and Aguila have been best sellers for many years. In the present time, our products are being sold to all parts of the world and the interest for our products are constantly growing.


Contact Us


Jan Alebjer

+46 (0) 709 66 63 66

Global Sales Manager: Claes Holsner

+46 (0) 768 02 85 76

United Kingdom Sales:

Nick Matthews

+44 797 72 64 252

Marketing Manager:

Johan Holsner

+46 (0) 707 60 30 14

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